3D Games Review By Mike Matei

Starting with a couple of humorous rants against a pair of Nintendo games, the Angry Video Game Nerd and his home website, Cinemassacre, has become an internet phenomenon. The AVGN plays the NES game Friday the 13th based on the horror movie. But, just like in the games that the nerd finds himself tirelessly trudging through, you'll come across many reasons to swear like a sailor. I like his movie reviews, but not his video game glitches.

He produced a variety of content such as Motherfuckin' Mondays, Top 10's and other game reviews. In interviews, Matei has stated that he originally was going to include this as part of the abandoned video "AVGN Game Glitches 2". This is the first review of a PlayStation game.

During the review the Nerd is forced and threatened by Jason Voorhees to do a positive review of the game. 1 From there, the series became a cult success, and Rolfe began appearing as the character in various other media such as a feature-length film and video games, and many public appearances.

The AVGN reviews Dragon's Lair (interactive movie) which was ported to the NES game of the same title: Dragon's Lair. I am happy that we were able to closely analyze (and rightly praise) the post-post-de-re-deconstructionist masterpiece that was the Inspector Gadget MINEYCRAFTA review with Mike Matei.

Richard: I recall either you or James mentioning how in the earlier stages of the Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) , you were not so comfortable being on camera, yet would agree to show up in costume as guest characters such as Bugs Bunny or The Joker and so on.

CONTENT: If you're looking at this set, you know who the Angry VideoGame Nerd is. This is the same content online, just packed onto a Blu-Ray set and loaded with extras. Anyway, Mike is and always has been the glue that held Cinemassacre together, and personally, I love his videos and his characters.

Considered as one of the pioneering internet reviewers in its history, the Nerd was highly influential in bringing online video reviews to the Mike Matei mainstream public. Matei has also worked on different series of Rolfe's such as Board James , in which he has his own character, the cheating Jerkass Motherfucker Mike.

The AVGN reviews Silver Surfer (NES). So in total you have 1 + 34 + 34 = max of only 25 unique colors on screen at a time (without any code magic voodoo)… for each entry you can pick one of the unique 52 colors from the video generator, this is known today as the NES Palette.

Mike: I'd like to see a Universal Monsters video game that's actually licensed by Universal. Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures begins in the most predictable way possible as the nerd gets sucked into a bad video game where he must fight his way to the end. Even the later Megaman games were quite fun little treasures to play, each unique to when they were published.

9 is definitely harder than say, 2 or 3; and 10 is definitely easier than 9. But, that's how you make NES games…you have to give players a challenge or they're going to plow through it in a weekend, at most. One interesting aspect of the video is that Mike commissioned a video game hardware wizard to make him a Game Gear that is capable of video out.

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